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There are many methods for Indian casino players to finance their online casino accounts in the modern day, but in this post, we’ll focus on cryptocurrencies and the top online casinos that accept them. Cryptocurrency is something that is absolutely worth understanding about because it is growing in popularity and more online casinos are adding it to their list of payment options as a result.

The Top Five Cryptocurrencies in India for Online Gambling

What are the best cryptocurrencies for online gambling out of the literally dozens that now exist? We’ve listed five of the top below.

Bitcoin : The first cryptocurrency in history and the first to surpass the $10,000 per coin threshold is this one. This is the ideal option if you want to play high-stakes games, and as it is the most well-known cryptocurrency, it is one that is recognised by the majority of cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Litecoin : Another popular cryptocurrency that is accepted at many online gaming sites. It was created by Charlie Lee and has certain traits with Bitcoin. Since Litecoin transactions happen around four times as quickly as Bitcoin transactions, its primary goal is to do the same task much more quickly.

Ethereum : Ethereum, which has the second-largest market cap behind Bitcoin, is frequently offered as a cryptocurrency alternative at online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

Dash : Prior to being renamed in 2014, this cryptocurrency was known as Darkcoin. Online casinos now frequently offer “PrivateSend” as a payment option since it allows you to conceal the specifics of transfers that you make.

XRP : Since XRP is now one of the largest names in the cryptocurrency market, you can simply play with it at the top crypto gambling websites in the globe. It has been discussed in widely read news sources like CNN, which has aided in its emergence as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

How to Begin Using Cryptocurrency in India to Gamble

Cryptocurrency betting might first seem a little intimidating, but this does not have to be the case. Simply follow the simple instructions listed below, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

  • Locate a website that enables you to set up a free cryptocurrency wallet, then transfer some of your cryptocurrency there. The process should just take a few minutes. If you’re wondering what the best wallet for bitcoin gaming is, we’d suggest something like Wirex because it enables traditional and cryptocurrency money transfers and has a solid reputation.
  • Open an account with a crypto online casino if you don’t already have one. The greatest ones now available are Pure Win, Yoju Casino, and Betway. Follow the links we’ve provided to their webpage, select “Sign Up,” and then follow the straightforward procedures. In a few minutes, your account should be ready.
  • Navigate to the casino’s payment page and select the coin you want to deposit. They will then provide you with their wallet’s address. Transfer the desired deposit amount to the wallet address by going to your wallet.
  • You should see the crypto immediately or at most a few minutes later, at which point you may start playing your preferred games.

What Do Cryptogambling Sites Let You Spend Your Cryptocurrency On?

The operation of crypto casinos is quite similar to that of conventional online casinos. You may bet on pretty much everything that is offered, which is fantastic. Three of the most popular topics for wagers at cryptocurrency casinos are listed below:

Online Slots : All of the top crypto casinos provide a tonne of online slots. There will be countless numbers of them to select from, and they all provide a variety of incentives like free spins to make sure that fun is never more than a click away.

Table Games : A top-notch crypto casino will provide a selection of conventional table games. With your cryptocurrency of choice, you may play baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other traditional games.

Live Dealer Games : Playing online casino games with a live dealer and actual players is really thrilling and lets you simulate a real-world casino setting with a lot less effort. Any cryptocurrency casino worth its salt will accept cryptocurrency as payment for live casino games.

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The Finest Crypto-Casinos for Indians

What, then, are some of the top cryptocurrency gaming sites that Indians may access, in our opinion? Well, three immediately come to mind. They are as follows:

Why do we suggest these cryptocurrency gaming sites above many others, then? So continue reading to get the solution to that query.

These three websites provide some of the highest safety and security available, which is crucial if you don’t want crooks to obtain your personal and financial information. You can discover the greatest firewalls and encryption technologies at Bet Winner, Yoju Casino, and Shangri-La to make sure you are absolutely protected. Being able to wager worry-free is always pleasant.

Customer service is something that is also crucial when it comes to crypto gambling sites since, in the event that something goes wrong, you’ll want to be able to contact someone who can resolve the situation for you in a flash. Nothing is more annoying than being forced to wait for an extended period of time for assistance. We believe that Shangri-La, Yoju Casino, and Bet Winner offer some of the best customer assistance available.

Is Indian Cryptogambling a Good Idea?

Choosing the finest deposit method at an online casino is totally a matter of what works best for you. If you’ve heard a lot about utilising cryptocurrencies for gambling but are still on the fence, we’ve outlined several advantages and disadvantages of doing so below.

Pros .

Completely annonymous : Indian gambling rules are peculiar, to put it mildly. Gambling is still prohibited in most states despite certain governments having legalised it. Fortunately, because only banks and businesses are targeted for prosecution by the police and financial authorities, not those of us who gamble online, this has no effect on us. Having said that, because a cryptocurrency deposit, like Bitcoin, is anonymous, it might offer additional security at online casinos.

Fast Processing : Deposits made using cryptocurrencies happen quickly and are increasing faster all the time. Most cryptocurrency-accepting gambling sites advertise quick processing speeds, so you won’t have to wait long to start utilising your deposited cryptocurrency to play your preferred slot machines and table games.

No Fees : Unlike traditional payment options, cryptocurrency normally has no fees associated with deposits and withdrawals. You now have extra money to spend on your favourite video games, which is fantastic.

Cons .

You must possess cryptocurrency : It should go without saying, but if you want to bet with cryptocurrency, you will need some coins. Given how unpredictable cryptocurrency markets are and how difficult they may be to predict if you have no prior expertise, we truly do not advise buying any cryptocurrency if you do not already own some.

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