According to Mohammad Hafeez, Rohit Sharma has trouble leading the team.

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Rohit Sharma and Pakistan Player

Former Pakistani all-rounder great Mohammad Hafeez received criticism for referring to Indian skipper Rohit Sharma as “weak, bewildered, and afraid” during the Asia Cup. Sharma “cannot continue on for too long” as the team captain, claims Hafeez.

The declaration was made on camera while Hafeez was being interviewed by a knowledgeable panel for PTV Sports.

“You can see Rohit Sharma’s reaction after he wins the game. ” This phrase was spoken after India defeated Pakistan by 40 runs, according to Hafeez in the interview. “I had mentioned Rohit Sharma’s nonverbal cues. He appeared frail when he emerged to throw. He displayed both fear and confusion.

Hafeez claimed that Sharma’s underperformance was a result of being the captain, particularly due to the strain he was bad.

He said, “I am unable to see Rohit Sharma, who I have observed during matches, play fantastic innings.

He is having a lot of problems, and I think the captaincy is putting a lot of pressure on Rohit,” Hafeez said.

The 41-year-old continued by asserting that Sharma has not yet recovered his prior form.

“If you look at his form, it’s deteriorating; if you look at his most recent IPL stint, it was terrible, and after that, when he came to play international cricket, his form hasn’t recovered yet.”

However, Sharma showed Hafeez that he could play well for India, in Hafeez’s opinion.

He is still capable of playing well for India, but ever since he was named captain, his play has gotten worse.

The “offensive” comment by Hafeez

It’s interesting that after his vehement criticism of Sharma, Hafeez made further divisive statements.

He has offended followers in India by calling it “the most laadla (pampered). He recently asserted that India honours people more for their financial contributions than for their playing prowess.

Hafeez stated on his official Twitter account, “I don’t know much, but I surely know that whoever is the earner in our culture is liked by everyone, is the most laadla (pampered), and gets the most kisses from everyone.”

India is a “revenue-making country,” he continued, and even during “bilateral series throughout the world, where they get sponsorship, they get a jackpot.” There is no “denying” the aforementioned facts for Hafeez.

Indian fans respond

Hafeez is escalating the atmosphere of the game, especially after comments on Twitter from mostly Indian supporters attacked him. The match between India and Pakistan was planned for September 4.

In response to the “laadlas” statement reported by @timesnowsports, the Twitter account @rune lord added, “Pak not laadlas since they are terr0rists, not because they performed poorly.”

Hafeez was actually dismissed from the Pakistan team for subpar play, according to a different user who goes by the moniker @veervadra.

Hafeez is such a sour person. Due to his bad performance, he was dismissed from the Pakistan team. He will now also be banned from news stations, according to the tweet from @mhafeez22.

Pakistan has not performed well, according to the account @mahipen TNIE, which cited the last time Pakistan won the 50-over World Cup as evidence.

When did Pakistan last take home a cricket World Cup in 50 overs? In the ICC Test Championship, how many points did it earn? It doesn’t necessarily follow that our store will be closed if yours is. “IPL ke duniya ko dekho, Aa!”

Earlier this year, Hafeez made his retirement announcement. Before retiring, he played for Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2021 and in 55 Tests, 119 T20 Internationals, and 218 ODIs.

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