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Gaining an understanding of the locals’ gaming preferences in order to offer them a high-quality service is a significant obstacle for offshore casinos that are permitted to operate in India. According to research, Indian casino patrons prefer engaging and original material, while slots and roulette are the most played games overall. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the contemporary Indian online casino trends that have emerged as a result of recent academic studies on the subject.

Simple foreign video games are highly well-liked.

Aggregate data offered by Pure Win online casino served as the foundation for the primary investigation into current online gambling trends in India. The statistics are from over 170,000 registered gamers who provided anonymous metrics throughout a 14-month period that concluded in December 2021. Google Trends mostly supports the adoption and traction rates as well as gaming preferences that have been noted.

The study team’s initial observation is that local Indian gamers like playing international games more than they had anticipated. Numerous casinos’ most popular games are streamlined versions of well-known casino games like slots, blackjack, or roulette. Easy gameplay is appreciated since it allows for a faster spin or draw and even instant outcomes.

Card games like baccarat, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em are excellent examples; these games draw the most players overall (11.6%). More importantly, player behaviour reveals that when it comes to casino games for real money, Indian casino patrons prefer roulette and online slots.

The game of roulette is clearly favoured.

The most popular game online right now is roulette. It produces a startling 70% of business on a list of the top 30 games by turnover and takes in 53% of all bets made on the most popular casino games. By a fair margin, Lightning Roulette is the most popular roulette variation. Due to its enormous success, it now accounts for more than 25% of the turnover of the top 30.

Except for slots, we think it’s crucial to mention that the bulk of the games in the top group are live dealer games. In particular when it comes to roulette, the majority of the player favourites are also quick to play. The most online bets and players are drawn to games with the phrases “Lightning,” “Speed,” “Auto,” and “Instant” in their names.

Slots are becoming more and more popular.

This helps to explain why Indians are increasingly finding success playing slots online. Slot machine play accounted for 29% of the 28,000 registered players’ sessions among the top 30 casino games. Despite being at the top, the number of players at roulette is about equal to that of slot machines.

The most new titles are created each year for the burgeoning casino online specialty of slot games. They recorded active sessions in more than 2300 slots on Pure Win, the online casino site that provided the data for this research, demonstrating exactly how rapidly the business is expanding.

Trends Slot Games

Live dealer games are popular in India.

As was briefly noted above, the majority of the top 30 list of games are live games, with slots being the primary exception. Live dealer games are favoured over virtual modes with straightforward layouts for both Indian and Western games.

A system that enables players to bring a land-based casino environment directly into their living room, or wherever they happen to be, has helped make casinos a significant part of the gambling culture across India for decades. Slot games, for example, which cannot offer live sessions, maintain their competitiveness by providing cutting-edge graphics.

Traditional Asian Games Are Still Played

Even while they do happen to represent more current trends, the data we presented above were not particularly surprising for the Indian online casino sector. However, the study also emphasised the value of conventional Indian games for real-money gaming.

According to the data that is currently available, Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti account for little under 14% of the top 30’s revenue. When it comes to player count, Andar Bahar is placed fourth overall, but it tops the list of well-liked Indian table games.

Another game that Indian gamers adore is Teen Patti, although given that it frequently tops charts for mobile apps, this is not all that unexpected. Sic Bo, Fan-Tan, and Dragon Tiger are three more Asian internet games that have proven quite popular in India. Indian classics like Jhandi Munda and Ludo are also highly well-liked.

Various Tastes in Various States

A similar trend appeared from this investigation, which is consistent with earlier studies that have demonstrated that players from various Indian states will have varied preferences. For instance, the most played game in Delhi is slots, whereas the most played game in Rajasthan is baccarat. Karnataka residents are avid roulette players, whereas Andhra Pradesh residents are the most frequent internet gamblers.

In summary

Overall, Indian casino customers search for simpler copies of worldwide casino game favourites that include live dealers and give plenty of speed. However, as traditional Asian games are still very well-liked by Indian players, particularly in regions like Karnataka, operators must provide a good range of these games. As online gambling grows in popularity, the trends of the Indian online casino market will continue to change, and we are eager to see how they might alter in the near future.

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